I have never been a fan of Yahoo SiteBuilder. It was too restrictive with what you could do, the SEO wasn’t any good, and the sites lacked a lot in their design elements. That said, I know there are several small business owners that use SiteBuilder for their website. Now they need to re-evaluate.

As of March 31, 2021, people that use SiteBuilder will no longer be able to log into their site to make any changes. Want to update a price? You’ll be out of luck, and then hear your customers say “well that’s the price on your website”. Want to update a photo, or add a new product or service? Bummer. That will no longer be an option at the end of this month.

So what should you do if you use SiteBuilder? You have a few options:

  1. Nothing. You can keep you website the way it is. You won’t be able to update it, but it will still be there (for now, anyway). I didn’t see any forthcoming information from Yahoo about how long the outdated sites will be supported, but I’m sure it won’t be long since they’re ending support on it soon.
  2. Use their “New” Builder. Of course they’re going to offer a new solution to make some cash. You have an option to “do it yourself” or pay them to do it. Neither is a good option in my opinion. You’re still going to be very restricted on what you can & cannot do, and the SEO probably still won’t be up to snuff. You’ll still be paying them whatever you’re currently paying for a subpar product.
  3. Get a professional. I saved the best option for last. If you have a website for a BUSINESS, you really need to have a professionally done website that is reflective of your business. A poor-looking site reflects poorly on your business, and there’s no reason to try and skimp out and save a few bucks as it will cost you more in the long run with lost customers.

Whatever you decide, I’d recommend making this is a priority NOW so you’re prepared when March 31st rolls around.