Are you wondering if all the calls you’re getting from “Google” saying that your business listing hasn’t been verified is a scam or not?

It is.

I’ve been getting these calls for years. Some of the calls are from my state, others are out of state. Caller ID comes up with the city and state for some, and “unknown” as others. But they all say essentially the same thing – “We’ve been trying to reach you. Your Google Business listing is unverified.” I think they go on more than that, but I’ve usually hung up by that point and don’t hear the rest. My business listing on Google has been verified for years!

These calls are trying to prey on people that aren’t familiar with Google Business listings, and are charging a fee for “verifying” your listing. Google does NOT charge for a business listing, and Google also does NOT have automated calls telling you to verify your listing. Everything about this is a scam.

If you are getting these calls and would like to report them to Google, go to