Happy New Year! I hope everyone is enjoying their start to 2020. It’s January 3rd, and I’ve already seen a new domain name scam.

This one was an invoice sent to my PayPal account for renewing a domain name (that I had already renewed). This one is worse than the other scams I’ve seen from the standpoint that there is zero legitimacy in anything they’re doing. The other scams I usually see at least mention in the fineprint that the renewal requires you to transfer over your domain name. This one was just a straight-up cash grab to try and get people to give them money.

While I’m a little tempted to give some kudos to scammers coming up with a new way to look legit, I am getting increasingly frustrated with them trying to rip people off.

If you ever have a question about your domain name, or a charge you’re not sure is accurate, contact your web designer BEFORE you take any action. They should be able to answer your question, and save you money and personal information getting out that shouldn’t be out there.