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Scorching Web Design offers a variety of services to meet our clients needs. Whether you're targeting locally to areas such as Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Saline; or targeting nationally/internationally, we offer affordable web site solutions for you!

We get several calls wondering "what's involved in a web site"? All that is found below, and we're breaking the costs down by section. The main things you need are: domain name, your actual web site, and a web host. In addition, we highly recommend marketing your web site to the major search engines. After all, if nobody sees your web site, it's useless!

Domain Name
Domain Name Reservation
This is reserving the internet address you want (such as Some people like to have more than one domain name for marketing purposes. Use our "Domain Lookup" in the left column of this page to check the availability of the domain name you'd like. If it's available, get it fast!
Cost.... $25/year


Web Design Services
Web Site Development
The actual creation of your web site, including the layout of the pages, adding the necessary navigation elements, and content of your web site. We optimize every image for faster download times (yes, there are still people that use dial up). We also optimize your web site for the search engines during the web development process by using appropriate keywords, meta tags, and other behind-the-scene elements. Of course, cost varies from project to project, but the more you provide us, the less we have to do - meaning bigger savings for you!
Cost.... $60/hour

Custom Programming
While this isn't needed very often, custom programming is available at an additional cost. Custom programming includes such things as database setup, creating login screens (which needs to have password recovery, allow users to edit their settings, etc), and anything else that's a little out-of-the-ordinary. Again, this isn't needed often, but we like you to know our pricing up front so there are no surprises!
Cost.... $75/hour

Web Site Maintenance
Web site maintenance is just a term used for saying "update my web site". This includes smaller things when a total re-vamp is not needed. Common requests include updating text, adding/removing images, adding a new page, etc.

While there is a 1/2 hour minimum charge for this service, there are often times we'll make quick updates (usually small text changes) for our web host clients at no charge. Of course, we don't want to be making "minor" updates on several sites all day and not be able to pay our bills, which is why the minimum charge has been instituted. The way we look at it, if you're expecting a bill for a small change we made to your web site, and you don't get charged for it, then you'll be a happy customer!
Cost.... $60/hour (1/2 hour minimum charge)


Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting
Keeping a constant internet connection for your site. Our web hosting also includes a web-based email system, which is easily integrated into Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, or can be forwarded to pre-existing email accounts.

In most cases, the basic web hosting package is all that's needed. Here's a quick breakdown of the packages.

Disk Space
Email Accounts
Unique ip Address*
Plan A
1 GB
Plan B
2 GB
Plan C
3 GB
Plan D
10 GB

* needed for secure sites


Web Site Marketing Services

Web Site Optimization
If we're creating a new web site for you, this cost is included in your web site development cost. We build our new sites to be optimized for the search enigines. After all, a great web site is useless if nobody can find it!

If we didn't build your web site, we can still do the marketing. We start out by evaluating your current site (keywords, meta tags, etc), then recommend changes. Cost can vary on this service, depending on the amount of keywords used, and the size of your site, but we do our best to keep your costs to a minimum. After all, we want referrals!
Cost.... $350 minimum (enough for most sites)

Web Site Marketing - Search Engines
Once you have an optimized web site (see above), you need to market your site to have any impact. Remember, if nobody can find your site, it's useless!

The best long-term solution to marketing your web site is for us to submit it to the major search engines on a regular basis. We're in the loop as far as the best way to submit to the search engines (they're all different, and some can penalize your site if done too often/not enough).

For invoicing's sake, we break this down into a monthly cost on your invoice.
• Monthly - $17.50/month
• Nine times per year - $15/month
• Once every 2 months - $12/month
• Once every 3 months – $10/month
• Once every 4 months – $7.50/month
• Once every 6 months – $5/month
• Once per year - $2.50/month

Pay-Per-Click Advertising
I'm sure you've seen this on Google, Yahoo, and several others. They show up as "sponsored links" or "sponsor results", usually in a column on the right-hand side of the page. While this isn't the best long-term solution, it can be effective for short-term results. If quick rankings are important (standard search engine marketing can take a while), then this is your best solution. If your budget allows, we recommend using a combination of PPC advertising along with standard web site marketing.
• $30 set up fee for each search engine
• one month's pay-per-click budget due up front
• $15 maintenance fee/month for each search engine


Other Services
Even if not listed, please ask! We've provided services from fixing cd-rom drives to custom-building pcs. If we don't provide the service you're looking for, we'll point you in the right direction!
Company Logo Creation
We've had several people interested in a site prior to having their business established. We can create a new (or update an old) company logo.
Cost.... $60/hour
Business Card Design
A business card is one of your most useful tools. You give them out everywhere, but chances are there was not a lot of work put into the design. Look at the last business card somebody gave you. What does it convey about their business? If it doesn't stand out among all of the "cookie-cutter" business cards, they didn't come to us!
Cost.... $60/hour, plus appropriate printing costs

Photo CD
Simply adding your images onto a cd. Pricing assumes there is NO photo manipulation involved.
Cost.... $7.50/cd

Editing images, such as removing red-eye, cropping images, etc, is available at an extra charge (determined on a case-by-case basis).

Memories CD/DVD
Adding photos and music onto a cd (which works in most dvd players). Great for wedding pictures, vacation snapshots, or anything else! Pricing assumes no editing required on photos.
Cost.... $15/track, plus $7.50 for the cd

Editing is available at an additional cost (on a case-by-case basis).

Simply adding your digital video onto a dvd. Pricing assumes no editing is required.
Cost.... $10/dvd

Editing is available at an extra charge, determined on a case-by-case basis.